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UnF*ck Your Brain: Feminist Self-Help for Everyone

Apr 25, 2019

Join me on this episode to discover how to start implementing the practice of truly allowing your negative feelings. Baby steps are crucial in working on your skeptical brain, and starting here is going to help you tremendously with your self-coaching.

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Apr 18, 2019

My goal of replacing my salary through coaching has shown me that even positive thoughts can keep you stuck, and plateaus can happen to all of us. Massive thinking is one of my biggest takeaways from this last year, and I'm exploring how up-leveling your current mindset has to happen at every stage of your life.


Apr 15, 2019

Introducing: The Clutch. An online feminist coaching community where you can learn how to create true, authentic confidence in your own heart and mind - and bond with other bad-ass women who are doing the same.

The world is always coming at you, with new challenges. But now you have somewhere to go. Anytime. Anywhere....

Apr 11, 2019

On a previous episode, I talked about the distinction between positive and negative motivation and action, and the way we're taught that negative emotions lead to positive actions. Many of us think our anger will motivate us to take actions, believing this will change things, but I'm hoping to share some insight that...

Apr 4, 2019

If you're confused or frustrated because the steps you're taking aren't working or getting you any closer to your goals, I'm giving you the answer today. Discover where you might be going wrong in your endeavors to get what you want. What I'm sharing today may seem obvious, but you'll be surprised when you slip back and...