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UnF*ck Your Brain: Feminist Self-Help for Everyone

Nov 28, 2019

Listen in today as I bring you a short and sweet episode, but one that is so powerful in changing how you perceive your story and what might be going on for you right now. Using this thought whenever you’re struggling will help you see that you can handle any emotion and that nothing has gone wrong.

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Nov 21, 2019

Join me this week as I share the process I use when I feel triggered to grow and learn more about myself. I want this episode to act as a reminder that taking actions to move away from what feels bad isn’t a solution, and that there is so much missed opportunity when you do this.

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Nov 14, 2019

Listen in today as I give you a different perspective on the fear of uncertainty and how you can start to slowly let go of it. You don’t have to be terrified and let it stunt your growth. In fact, you can discover a whole new way of using thought work and stretch yourself in ways you never would have imagined.


Nov 7, 2019

The questions I've received over the past week were so interesting and thoughtful, and I’m excited to address these topics on the podcast today.

They range from how thought work aligns with the concept of mindfulness, questions about coaching others and how I facilitate coaching sessions, to whether there is a right...